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Rigging Hardware & Equipment Suppliers

Rigging Hardware & Equipment Suppliers

One-stop-shop for Rigging Hardwares

Whether you need specialty overhead lifting hooks or wire rope compression devices, Oandae Brothers can source from a large selection of rigging hardware products that are strong, durable and reliable. We carry a variety of links, hooks and wire rope clips to meet all of your rigging and load handling needs.


  • Shackle
  • Wire Rope Thimble
  • Webbing Sling
  • Eye Sling Hook
  • Hook
  • Turnbuckle
  • wire rope clip

Rigging Solutions for Oil and Gas

Every company has unique rigging needs. As such, we can help select the best wire rope for your industrial application. Consider the following types of applications and their solutions for oil and gas operations:

6×19 IWRC Conventional Drill Line:

Requires a rope that resists abrasions. The rope is also resistant to crushing and is a safe, fatigue-resistant piece of equipment.

6×26 Tubing line IWRC:

Well suited for tubing lines and highly resistant to crushing. Inner wires within the rope add to the rope’s durability and ability to resist fatigue.

6×31 Swaged:

Constructed to help speed up the main hoist’s travel time during tubing and rod pulling operations. The rope also resists abrasions and crushing.

6×7 Poly Core Galvanized:

Hostile conditions down a dug hole can damage wire rope considerably. This rope has a clean, smooth operation and is highly resistant to abrasions. This adds up to increased productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce rope changes.

Quality Rigging Services

We’re dedicated to making sure our customers operating within the oil and gas industries receive the best services and support available in the market. As such, our mission is to make sure that we continually improve how we conduct our business operations. On example of this is our commitment to comply with and exceed ISO 9001:2008 standards. We also keep continuous education & improvements in mind for all that we do, to make sure our employees are the best trained and most experienced. With that, comes increased safety measures, which are always a top priority for us.

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